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Custom Die Cut Gaskets

Vellumoid is a leading die cut gasket manufacturer with a wide range of capabilities and a long history of precision fabrication for some of the largest engine manufacturers in the world. We’ve produce high quality, low cost gaskets for decades.

Converting Services

We have the expertise to cut, join, finish, package, and assemble units of material into the shapes and sizes you specify.

Meeting a broad spectrum of needs, Vellumoid can slit rolls starting at 50″ down to 3″.  We sheet rolls from 65″ long and 60″ wide and down.

Gasket Materials

Material Catalogs:

  • Interface Solutions Gasket Materials Catalog
  • Amorim Gasket Materials Catalog
  • Vellumoid Gasket Materials Catalog
  • Jointine Flexoid® Gasket Materials Catalog

With over 100 materials to choose from, ranging from standard grades to the most advanced,we can seal, insulate or shim