Interface Solutions Gasket Materials


Pro-Formance/MicroPore products feature reduced pore structure while maintaining overall void volume. Designed for use up to 350°C (650°F), these materials exhibit excellent crush resistance and offer superior sealability throughout a wide range of flange load.

Product specifications for  PF-4N, PF-4S, VB-72, MP-2N, MP-15, TN-9040

Thermo-Tork materials outperform many more expensive alternative products in a wide range of higher temperature, heavy-duty applications. Designed for use up to 400°C (750°F), Thermo-Tork materials are offered with either a Fully Cured or a Latent Cure thermally stable binder system and are made with heat-resisting fibers.

Product Specifications for TN-9000, TN-9001, TN-9004, TN-9005, TS-9006, TS-9003

vellumoid gasketing gasket materialSyntheseal®
Syntheseal materials are a direct substitute for asbestos-containing materials. Designed for use up to 180°C (350°F), Syntheseal services a wide range of pressures and internal fluids. Syntheseal is a proven substitute for joint sheet and asbestos-containing beater-addition products.

Product Specification for D-8080, N-8094, N-8090, S-8091

Hydro-Fused gasket materials are a direct substitute for asbestos-containing materials. Designed for use up to 290°C (550°F), Hydro-Fused material offers resistance to numerous fluids.

Product Specification for D-7101, D-7200, D-7201, D-7280, D-7301

Cellulose Accopac® Impervapac™ Interface Solutions
Cellulose Accopac materials comprise a blend of cellulose fibers in a synthetic rubber binder. These products are ideal for light- to medium-duty applications where a compressible material is required. They offer improved chemical resistance over pure cellulose-fiber gasket materials.

Impervapac N-8051 gasket material offers a superior alternative to rubber and cork-rubber gaskets in low flange pressure sealing applications. A unique fiber composition with high rubber content makes Impervapac an ideal choice for sealing gases and fluids, while permitting reduced thickness for additional economy.

Product Specifications for CN-705, CS-301, RN-8011 and N-8051

Economical Sealing Solutions
The balance of the line offers excellent alternatives to other nonasbestos and asbestos-containing materials.

Product Specifications for NI-2085, NI-2086, NI-2093, NI-2277 and NV-512, NV-565, SV-360, 2331