vellimoid gasket and sealing solutions building

Vellumoid, Inc. Headquarters

Vellumoid, Inc. has built a highly reputable name as a leading manufacturer and processor of engineered solutions aimed at solving advanced sealing problems. Vellumoid works as a partner with it’s customers and suppliers to provide high quality sealing solutions. Our engineering and processing capabilities offer a wide range of solutions to sealing problems. With over 100 materials to choose from, ranging from standard grades to the most advanced, we can seal, insulate, or shim the most challenging of applications. By applying special coatings, we can customize sealing, release, and adhesion properties to meet the most demanding requirements.

Rigid quality control, as demonstrated by our ISO-9001:2015 registration, guarantees uniformity and quality of supply.

 Vellumoid’s customer service representatives are supported and directed by an experienced in-house staff with decades of industry knowledge at your service. Our material selection, production, and technical services are at your disposal.


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In the 1890’s, a professor of chemistry at Amherst College discovered that certain paper, when impregnated with a solution of glue and glycerin, was transformed into a crackle parchment-like material that was waterproof, oil proof and greaseproof. Because of it’s parchment-like quality, the material was called “Vellumoid” (meaning “like vellum or parchment”). Since our humble beginnings, Vellumoid Incorporated has become a major producer of gaskets for light duty, heavy duty and miscellaneous sealing applications.

 For many years, engine equipment manufacturers have come to Vellumoid for gasketing technology. Today, Vellumoid’s soft gasket expertise spans virtually all vehicles and engine-driven equipment. Decades of experience and dedication, our broad distribution capability, and extensive converting expertise provide our customers with the gasket leadership that will serve them now and into the future.