Pro-FormanceTM MicroPore

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Pro-FormanceTM MicroPore 0.8mm (.031”)
Product Description Density
(lbs. ft.3)
Compression %
@ 34.5 MPa
(5,000 Psi)
Recovery %
Tensile Strength
MPa  (Psi)



Engineered for automotive powertrain, marine and small engine applications.  Provides exceptional sealability for coolant, lubrication, and induction systems, and conforms well to irregular flange surfaces.

1.44 (88)


15 – 25



14.21 (2060)




Gasket material designed for heavy-duty applications including semi-hermetic compressors, diesel engine oil pans, gearcase covers and general automotive sealing. Excellent low flange pressure sealability and torque retention.

160 (100)

20 60

11 (1600)




A fully cured nitrile butadiene rubber binder for maximum fluid resistance. It has excellent sealability in a variety of environments and flange conditions.

1.44 (90)




Designed for various oil, air, and coolant applications such as oil pans, front covers, intake manifolds and rear seals. It is a styrene butadiene material that offers improved oil sealing over nitrile butadiene materials.

1.44 (90)




High-performance gasket material designed specifically for valve body and other heavy-duty applications with exposure to high fluid pressures and flow rates. It has excellent erosion resistance.

1.44 (90)

15 69

18.5 (2,700)




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1.44 (90)