TN-9000 Thermo-Tork® Nonasbestos Gasket Material

ASTM  F729900E33M9

TN-9000 is a fully cured nitrile butadiene binder material with Aramid fiber. It has good tensile strength, low creep relaxation, and excellent fuel and oil resistance. It is intended for applications with high flange pressures and temperatures, with short duration maximum temperatures up to 400°C (750°F).


Material Test Properties

TN-9000 Thermo-Tork® Nonasbestos Gasket Material
Description Value Test Method
Density, g/cc(lb/cu.ft) 1.44 (90) (min.) ASTM F   1315
Compressibility, % (at 34.5MPa) 7 – 17 ASTM F   36
Recovery, % 50 (min) ASTM F   36
Tensile Strength, AMD, MPa(psi) 17.24 (2500) (min.) ASTM F   152
IRM903 Oil Change in Tensile Strength, % 35 (max) ASTM F   146
IRM903 Oil Change in Thickness, % 10 (max)
IRM903 Oil Change in Compression, % 30 (max)
Fuel B Change in Thickness, % 15 (max) ASTM F   146
Fuel B Change in Weight, % 20 (max)
Binder Type Fully Cured Nitrile Butadiene


The values shown are considered to be typical and are not meant to imply or be used as purchase specifications.  They are based on test data of supplier-production material conducted in accordance with ASTM standards.   The above data is intended only as a guide and buyers are encouraged to determine their own testing requirements for their intended end use application.  Vellumoid will not be liable for any damage arising from the use of material information sheets in place of validation testing and evaluation.